Smoke-Roasted “Butterflied” Whole Chicken

4 - Servings

1 – 3.5 to 4 lb. whole chicken

3 to 4 tbsp. of Extra-Virgin olive oil

Kosher salt (to taste)

OLD 66 Poultry Dry Rub

  • Preheat the OLD 66 Drum Smoker (temp of 250° F to 275° F+ is best).
  • With a pair of kitchen shears, remove the backbone of the chicken.
  • Wipe chicken with paper towel(s) to remove any unwanted residue.
  • With moderate pressure, push chicken flat on pan or sheet with skin side up.
  • Brush both sides of the chicken with the EV olive oil.
  • Apply Kosher Salt to both sides of the chicken.
  • Apply OLD 66 Poultry Dry Rub to all areas of the chicken.
  • Place chicken on the center of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker Cooking Grid.
  • Smoke-Roast chicken until the internal temperature of the chicken breast reaches 165 F.
  • Remove chicken from the OLD 66 Drum Smoker and allow to rest for 15 minutes.
  • Carve chicken and serve.