Burnt Ends

"Kansas City Style" Burnt Ends

If Burnt Ends are desired, then follow the steps below to make the Burnt Ends:

  • After brisket has been removed from its rest, locate the beginning of the “brisket point” membrane on the side of the brisket that has the “hump”.

  • Note: the membrane will begin where the brisket begins to elevate above the “flat”.  It is a somewhat diagonal membrane that descends to the point end of the brisket.

  • With a sharp filet style knife, remove the “point” or cap of the brisket from the flat area.

  • Slice the point of the brisket into 1” wide strips, slicing across the grain of the meat.

  • Cube the 1” wide slices in approximately 1” square cubes.

  • Place all of the cubed brisket in a pan.

  • Add a ¼ to ½ cup of the brisket juice to the cubes in the pan/casserole dish, folding all of them into the brisket juice.

  • Optional:  lightly dab BBQ sauce on the cubes.

  • Place the cubed brisket in the pan back on the appliance and smoke for 90 minutes, occasionally stirring the cubes to prevent burning.

  • When cubes are “crisp” but yet still moist, remove from appliance.

  • Burnt Ends are ready to serve.